About Us

[nfw_headlines nfw_headline_title=”About Us” nfw_headline_details=”We are an IBM Accredited Partner for the last 35 years having served 2000+ customers.”]
Mid-Blue was established in June 1988 by a group of like-minded computer experts, who brought together their combined knowledge in hardware and software for IBM mid-range systems.

Over the last 35 years, the company has kept IBM products at the core of their business, while creating a variety of services to support the range, such as network consultancy and in-house system configuration.

In 1995 Mid-Blue became a fully accredited IBM business partner. This means new equipment is supplied with full manufacturer support and warranty, bringing an even higher standard of service and support to their clients.

Mid-Blue International Ltd has been an accredited IBM Business Partner for over 20 years. IBM awards Business Partner status to resellers like Mid-Blue who make significant investments in developing their skills and sit regular IBM training modules to become accredited in IBM’s latest developments. In today’s ever-changing technological environment, Mid-Blue is ideally placed to help clients find the most suitable platforms and applications for their organisation.

Skills & Polls
More than 3 decades we have served more than 2 thousand happy customers so far.  Here is the poll conducted from  our customers represents their trust on  our company.
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IBM Latest Developments

Being Accredited IBM Business Partner, we always keep ourselves updated with new developments whether these are in training modules or newly introduced features to provide our customer our Best ever services.

Manufacturer Warranty

Our services are always up to the quality standards laid by IBM. Provided Equipment not only comes with warranty by our company but also with full Manufacturer Warranty. Our equipment always meet the modern standards.

Manufacturer Support

As a part of our standard services we also provide our customer full manufacturer support with our equipment. It indicates the high efficiency of provided support services by Mid-Blue .

[nfw_icon_boxes nfw_icon_box_title=”Accredited IBM Business Partner” nfw_icon_box_style=”4″ nfw_icon_box_icon=”ifc-checkmark” nfw_icon_box_link=”url:%23||”]we are Accredited IBM Business Partner since 1995.[/nfw_icon_boxes][nfw_icon_boxes nfw_icon_box_title=”High Availability” nfw_icon_box_style=”4″ nfw_icon_box_icon=”ifc-checkmark” nfw_icon_box_link=”url:%23||”]To ensure your most critical business systems are available 24/7.[/nfw_icon_boxes][nfw_icon_boxes nfw_icon_box_title=”Customer Support” nfw_icon_box_style=”4″ nfw_icon_box_icon=”ifc-checkmark” nfw_icon_box_link=”url:%23||”]We provide support to our customers not only by our company but also by the  manufacturer .[/nfw_icon_boxes]
[nfw_icon_boxes nfw_icon_box_title=”25 Years of Experience” nfw_icon_box_style=”2″ nfw_icon_box_icon=”ifc-coffee” nfw_icon_box_link=”url:%23||”]since the company  foundation in 1988 we are providing our services from last 27 years.[/nfw_icon_boxes]
[nfw_icon_boxes nfw_icon_box_title=”2000+ Happy Customers” nfw_icon_box_style=”2″ nfw_icon_box_icon=”ifc-coctail” nfw_icon_box_link=”url:%23||”]As working from last 2 decades we have more than 2000 happy clients so far and the numbers are increasing each and everyday.[/nfw_icon_boxes]
[nfw_icon_boxes nfw_icon_box_title=”80+ Team Workers” nfw_icon_box_style=”2″ nfw_icon_box_icon=”ifc-stack_of_photos” nfw_icon_box_link=”url:%23||”]Started with a basic setup we have grown so far. Now we have more than 80 team member working in company.[/nfw_icon_boxes]
[nfw_icon_boxes nfw_icon_box_title=”10+ Daily Customer Enquiries” nfw_icon_box_style=”2″ nfw_icon_box_icon=”ifc-user_male” nfw_icon_box_link=”url:%23||”]We provide best customer support services , usually got more than 10 Enquiries by customers .[/nfw_icon_boxes]
[nfw_headlines nfw_headline_title=”The Team” nfw_headline_details=”Key members”]
[nfw_team_member nfw_team_member_name=”Nigel Scott” nfw_team_member_job=”Director” nfw_team_member_image=”1250″ nfw_team_member_twitter=”https://twitter.com/midblueint” nfw_team_member_google_plus=”https://google.com/+MidblueSystemi”]Nigel is a founding member of Mid-Blue and has been with the company since 1988.[/nfw_team_member]
[nfw_team_member nfw_team_member_name=”Paul Williams” nfw_team_member_job=”Technical Director” nfw_team_member_image=”1258″ nfw_team_member_google_plus=”https://google.com/+MidblueSystemi” nfw_team_member_twitter=”https://twitter.com/midblueint” nfw_team_member_linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/profile/public-profile-settings?trk=prof-edit-edit-public_profile”]Paul joined Mid-Blue as employee One. He is now a member of the board with responsibility for all technical hardware support services.[/nfw_team_member]