[nfw_headlines nfw_headline_title=”IBM Business Partner” nfw_headline_details=”We are official partner of IBM from last 25 year”]
Accredited IBM Business Partner

“IBM Business Partners know your marketplace – so they are able to customize solutions to fit your needs, from consulting and integration to customized industry or infrastructure applications.”

Our History with IBM

In 1995 Mid-Blue became a fully accredited IBM business partner . This means new equipment is supplied with full manufacturer support and warranty , bringing an even higher standard of service and support to their clients.The Mid-Blue team has worked on over 2,000 different client sites, developing a wide and varied knowledge of the different system architectures employed by businesses in the last decade.

[nfw_pie_chart nfw_pie_chart_text=”Satisfaction” nfw_pie_chart_percent=”89″ nfw_pie_chart_barsize=”270″]
[nfw_pie_chart nfw_pie_chart_text=”Skills” nfw_pie_chart_percent=”90″ nfw_pie_chart_barsize=”270″]
[nfw_pie_chart nfw_pie_chart_text=”Security” nfw_pie_chart_percent=”85″ nfw_pie_chart_barsize=”270″]
[nfw_pie_chart nfw_pie_chart_text=”Backup” nfw_pie_chart_percent=”80″ nfw_pie_chart_barsize=”270″]

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