Mid-Blue service contracts offer you peace of mind for the continued smooth running of your equipment, whether purchased through us or not.

IBM’s Service Suite is a direct maintenance contract between you and IBM, supplied by Mid-Blue.

We can supply a Service Suite contract for any IBM hardware we supply or we can cover your existing installation when your current warranty or maintenance expires.

Service Suite is available for the xSeries, pSeries, iSeries, zSeries and Storage platforms. The contracts are available from one year to five years with flexible payment options.

IBM’s Service Suite Advanced is based on pre-selected combinations of hardware and software support services making it easier than ever to enhance the availability and effectiveness of your information technology. It’s a total approach to service that helps you work smarter, control costs and focus on your core business.

Service Suite Advanced offers:

  • Service packages customized to business needs
  • One-stop shopping for services requirements
  • Convenient financing
  • Consistent support for all platforms
  • Packaging incentives
  • Easy-to-read service contracts