Make Better Use of your System

Virtualization allows you to make better use of your whole system by running more than one operating system at the same time and maximising available processing power. This allows you to centralize administrative tasks while improving scalability and workloads.

Mid-Blue offers a full virtualization service from design to implementation and configuration. We can also do retrospective virtualization, and upgrade existing virtualised systems.

We will consider three types of virtualization in our proposal to you, to ensure we meet your needs with the best options for your business:

We can configure your network by splitting the available bandwidth into channels.

We can create the appearance of a single storage device from multiple network storage devices.

We can “mask” server resources for ease of use, so the user appears to be using a single resource, and won’t have to navigate a number of individual physical servers, processors, and operating systems.

Software we use:

  • Redhat
  • Power VM
  • VMware
  • ESX
  • HyperV

We will only recommend a virtualization method that helps you improve the efficiency of your systems and is simple for your staff to use.

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