Data Destruction

Can you be sure that your old equipment for disposal or re-sale no longer contains business-sensitive data? Just deleting files from the disk does not mean that your data can no longer be recovered and end up in the hands of your competitors.

Mid-Blue can offer you a full data destruction service, from advice on how to securely carry out your own data-wipe, to full disk data destruction to US Department of Defense standards.

Should you choose this IBM data destruction service from Mid-Blue, you can choose to have the data wipe carried out at your site using IBM Disk Sanitizer, or for the equipment to be taken to a secure facility.

The data destruction service includes:

  • Assistance with key Data Protection Act compliance requirements
  • Help to ensure compliance with software licensing conditions
  • Data wiped to US Department of Defense 5220.22-M standards
  • High Energy Degaussing facility meets the CESG (Communications-Electronics Security Group) standard for the secure erasure and destruction of data stored on magnetic media
  • Destruction of magnetic media, incineration of tapes and optical disks if required
  • Full audit trail certificates issued
  • 100% secure data erasure process which automatically generates a detailed erasure report with hardware asset management information

Once your equipment has been cleansed of data, we can help you to dispose of your old equipment, either by re-sale or by compliant disposal under WEEE regulations.

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