Disaster Recovery

[nfw_headlines nfw_headline_title=”Disaster Recovery” nfw_headline_details=”Have you ever considered how your business will continue to run in the event of fire, flood or damage?”]

The ability to continue running your business smoothly after unexpected damage depends on having a good plan. Mid-Blue can advise you on suitable disaster planning to minimise the impact on your organisation of unplanned damage caused by fire, flood, accident or vandalism.

Data back-ups are the foundation of any good plan, and we can advise you on a back-up strategy suitable for your business. Back-ups should always be stored off-site.

You may also need access to hardware should yours be damaged. Mid-Blue offers a hardware-rental service for such eventualities. This can be off-site at the Mid-Blue Computer Rooms for you to access remotely, or delivered to your premises.

If the hardware is damaged beyond repair, Mid-Blue offers a  data destruction service  and WEEE compliant disposal.

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